Being at ground Zero allows Denali Security© to work with everyday people, to see their computer problems and provide real solutions and not what a simulated computer lab in another country thinks will do the job.  

Denali was designed for one purpose absolute protection.  Unlike Traditional Anti-virus that will protect your PC after the infection occurs Denali Security© stops it before it starts.  

For years PC Pitstop felt empathy for the clients that kept returning with infections. Although it brought in cash flow the company management felt it was a negative business model and there had to be a better way. In 2009 PC Pitstop began the research for the ultimate protection for clients.

After a year of research and development, DENALI discovered that by cherry picking the best features of world class products and eliminating the "junk" portion of each program and Configuring them properly together eliminated the majority of threats.  Clients came back year after year to renew the products.  

2013 began a new wave of threats:  Ransoms and Cyber Attacks. The combinations of products were not as effective against these threats. After all attempts to make the programs 100% effective had failed DENALI had to rethink its approach.

In 2014 research  began on the Denali Security© Cyber Security program. In 2015 the Beta version of Denali Security© was launched and after two years of product development and client satisfaction of 100% DENALI launched the official DENALI Cyber Security System.  Protecting clients better than any other product. 

DENALI has encourages other repair stores locally and nationally to provide their client switch the protection they deserve. 

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